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What is the ACL?

The ACL is the common name for the anterior cruciate ligament.  The ACL  is one of the four major ligaments of the knee. The ACL is a critical ligament to keep the knee strong and stabilized. 


ACL injuries

The ACL is one of the most commonly injured knee ligaments.  For instance, ACL injuries sustained by athletes are a commonplace.  However, athletes are not the only people who tear their ACL.  People of all ages and athletic ability may injure or tear their ACL. 


The ACL is usually torn during sudden dislocation, tortion (twisting), or hyperextension of the knee.  Torn ACLs are regularly seen in football, hockey, skiing, skating and basketball because of the enormous amount of pressure the knee must withstand.  Injuries may also occur from slipping on ice, landing awkwardly on you feet, or failing down to the ground. 


Women commonly are at higher risks of ACL injuries during their menstrual cycles.  All people can take added precautions with their knee by wearing knee braces during physical activity.  Consult your doctor for the best type of brace for you.




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